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The Morning Scramble – 10/28/2008

by @ 9:56 on October 28, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

We’re one week out from the election, so it’s time to break out some Thunder(struck, that is).


  • Bill Whittle delivers three circles of shame on the viral Barack Obama WBEZ interview Shoebox put up yesterday.
  • Steve T found the Obamination Express targeting Fox News for noticing that interview.
  • Lao brings back a classic speech in response to that interview. The words are even more important now than they were when Ronald Reagan spoke them in 1964.
  • Bil Smith found a big red flag (literally) in that interview.
  • Speaking of targets, Ace discovered that the public official responsible for ordering the search through Joe the Plumber’s Ohio’s Child Services records is a max-donor ObamiNation acolyte.
  • Maggie Thurber discovered the presstitutes (or should I call them the Obamination Express Press Organs?) were responsible for ordering the Toledo Police proctological exam of Joe the Plumber.
  • James T. Harris lists the top 10 things the presstitutes refused to dig into on Obama just so they could go after the likes of Joe the Plumber.
  • Phil found another thing suppressed by the Obamination Express Press Organ – Obama’s ties to the PLO.
  • Brent Baker is shocked, SHOCKED that the network that tried to pass off a superscripted forgery as a 1970s’-era Texas National Guard document (that would be CBS) would spike all references to the viral WBEZ interview. I’m not; only the faces were changed.
  • Sister Toldjah reminds us that Obama has not had a press conference in over a month.
  • Jim Geraghty takes a look at what the priorities of an Obama administration would be. I could’ve swore I heard the very first thing Obama would do is codify the most-radical of the pro-abortion infanticide agenda.
  • Slublog notes the ObamiNation In Your Face Tour, Slime Edition, is now targeting those that dare question Joe “Plugs” Biden. Yes, it has come to this.
  • How angry is Plugs about being questioned? Robert Bluey answers that question.
  • Speaking of the ObamiNation In Your Face Tour, Mike found a certain disconnect between outrage over an earlier effigy-hanging of Obama and a certain lack of outrage (from the oh-so-“tolerant” Left, naturally) over the fresh West Hollywood effigy-hanging of Sarah Palin.
  • Chris digs into a Kenya timeline that has Obama ties. I sure it’s just a coincidence the fact that Obama’s cousin used the “good” name of Obama to seize power and begin to implement Sharia law in the same country that was one of the two where Al Qaeda targeted American embassies in an effort to turn those countries into part of the Islamic Caliphate </sarcasm>.
  • Neal Boortz breaks the Obama Code.
  • CDR Salamander plays “Wheel of Misfortune” and wins with “A”s, “G”s and “R”s.
  • John Hawkins plays Obama Bingo.
  • Pinch questions Colin Powell’s judgement after one of his earlier endorsements (Ted Stevens, done as a character witness) was convicted on all 7 counts related to corrpution. Powell has endorsed Obama.
  • Proof notes the ever-dropping Obamination Tax Hike threshhold.
  • Phil Kerpen outlines the steps from panic to depression (that would be the economic kind, though the psychological one is related).
  • Jack M. found John Galt. I suspect it won’t be that easy come 1/21/2009 should Obama win.
  • One of the gang at No Compromises explains economics and politics for the common man.
  • Obi-Wan, Jim Geraghty’s mentor, describes the state of play as it was yesterday. Jim notes to watch the markets.
  • Jayme Siemer reports that those that try to challenge the Chicago Machine have bad things happen. Fortunately, this particular incident is a threat to shut off the budgetary funds because it’s a government entity that’s challenging it.
  • Jonah Goldberg wonders why the only election-related efforts the Department of Justice is pursuing are those attempting to get Obama elected. I’ve long believed that President Bush’s biggest failing was not cleaning house in the entire executive branch.
  • Kate went trick-or-treating in a ‘Rat neighborhood and got tricked.
  • Charlie Sykes has a dark harbinger of taxes to come.
  • Jon Henke takes a look at the coming race for RNC chair.
  • William Teach wonders how the presstitutes can know more about Gorebal “Warming” than MIT grad students. Could it be that the grad students are not full-fledged Gorebal “Warming” acolytes? Bonus item – there is yet another failure of the Gorebal “Warming” model; the oceans are getting saltier instead of less salty.

Did I mention I’m back?

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