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The Halloween Pumpkin Smash – 10/31/2008

by @ 18:12 on October 31, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

It’s definitely not morning, and because it’s Halloween, it’s not even a Scramble…


Since I can, and because Matt Abe warns us that we don’t know what we’ve got ’till it’s gone, it’s a 2-song Friday…


  • Related to that, Christian Schneider takes political stock of his life. If you read only one thing this weekend, read this. BTW, while I am a lowlife, I categorically deny I’m a scumbag.
  • Sean M. says to ignore the hype and remember the bombed-by-Germans Pearl Harbor. LET’S GO! COME ON!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!!
  • Now, on to your not-so-regularily-scheduled Smash. Soren Dayton explores the ACORN-Rathke embezzlement scandal that just so happens to involve Barack Obama’s first federal campaign.
  • Gregory V. Helvering points out that attempts to make things “fair”, as Obama wants to do with the tax code, merely makes things worse for everybody.
  • Stephen Green reports that $120K is the new “rich”. In succession, we have gone from increased taxes for those making over $250K to give welfare to the bottom 95% to tax cuts for those making under $200K to tax cuts for those making under $150K (while the Adjusted Gross Income 95th-percentile was just over $153K in 2006) to tax cuts for those making under $120K. Again, going to the AGI, the 90th-percentile was $109K in 2006, and given increases in income, should be $120K in 2009. Guess it’s 10% that won’t be getting welfare from Obama should he win.
  • Speaking of taxes, Bill Smith reports the Heritage Foundation has filed a request to TV stations to stop false ads from the Obama campaign that misquotes them.
  • Michelle Malkin found the reporters of 3 papers where the editorial board dared to not endorse Obama thrown under the Obamination Express. For those that want to compare this to the McCain campaign’s tossing of Maureen Dowd and Joe Klein, McCain tossed individuals (specifically columnists) for those individual’s actions and continued to talk to the reporters from those individuals’ employers, while Obama can’t so much as abide possibly-friendly people whose only crime was to work with those that dared oppose him. Remember what I’ve said about 110% fealty and the Left.
  • More from Soren Dayton – he found a link between Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D) and ACORN. Brunner refused to check the rolls in Ohio for fraudulent registrations, and ACORN has been flooding the rolls with (potentially-)fraudulent registrations.
  • Speaking of fraud, Warner Todd Huston reports Obama supporters illegally offered candy and water to those waiting in line to vote in Butler County, Ohio.
  • Rick Moran says that the “we didn’t know” defense will not be accepted should Obama and the ‘Rats win. Just because I can, it’s time for another song…


  • Thomas Lifson reports that the Obama campaign may have thrown in the towel. I am reminded of the incident where a Democratic Assembly political playbook was supposedly left on a copier at the Capitol, but if the memo cited is authentic, it is an eye-opening read.
  • Slublog proves that those that live in glass houses travel on glass campaign planes whose undersides are coated with the residue of reporters tossed overboard shouldn’t toss out the “selfish” word. Yes, the campaign that refused to share its cash with the DNC, and whose supporters are on average less-charitable than those who oppose them has tossed out the “selfish” card.
  • Peter reports that Mitt Romney’s minions are in full Palin Derangement Syndrome mode. After all, Sarah Palin is the biggest and probably only roadblock to his nomination in 2012 under the Next In Line principle ascribed to by the Republicans since 1956, especially if John McCain and she win on Tuesday.
  • Katie Favazza brings good news from Iraq – through yesterday, there were no combat deaths in Baghdad and only 13 deaths overall in Iraq this month. Care to declare Iraq lost now, Obama?
  • Meanwhile, lawhawk reports we have reached out and touched killed Al Qaeda’s #4 in Pakistan. Care to say that Iraq is still a “distraction”, Obama?
  • Phil spotted October snow in London for the first time since 1922. While I don’t know whether Algore Goracle was in town, it did coincide with a House of Commons debate on Gorebal “Warming”. Timing is everything.

There’s more I could do, but I’m out of time, dammit.

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