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Right Wing News poll on the bailout

by @ 8:45 on September 30, 2008. Filed under Business, Politics - National.

John Hawkins did another of his world-famous Right Wing News polls, this one on the bailout. My answers are below, with the note that I sent this in before the market cratered.

1) Is the PRIMARY cause of this crisis…

A) Deregulation, market forces, and Wall Street?
B) Government interference in the market?

B – Government interference in the market (specifically, the Clinton-mandated supersizing of the subprime mortgage market)

2) Do you support the bailout?

A) Yes
B) No

B – No (only because my prefered answer of an expletive preceding the two-letter answer isn’t here)

3) Politically, is it smarter for Republicans in Congress to support or oppose the bailout?

A) Support
B) Oppose

B – Oppose (I will throw the caveat that they need to explain that this is Socialism-Heavy)

4) If John McCain signs on to the bailout, does it help or hurt his chances of getting elected?

A) Help
B) Hurt

B – Hurt (he’s not going to get the Socialists that are happiest with this bill)

I thought Shoebox was on John’s e-mail list, but I don’t seem to see him listed among those who sent in responses.

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