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Instant review – McCain by TKO

by @ 23:23 on September 26, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

The drunkblog below may not be the best record of the debate (I do recommend the gang at The Weekly Standard; they weren’t drinking heavily), but once the debate got onto the stated topic of foreign policy, the schooling of one Barack Obama by John McCain began in earnest. It was so much of a schooling that the refrain of the night from Obama, “I agree with John,” became an instant McCain commercial…


I must note that this was also a common theme in the Republican debates, and we know how the Republican primaries turned out.

The Lie of the Night also belonged to Obama, who mischaracterized former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s words into support for unconditional meetings with Iran’s leaders. That also earned an instant smackdown from Kissinger (via Stephen F. Hayes and TWS).

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