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Wisconsin to go for Obama in November

by @ 18:05 on August 27, 2008. Filed under Elections, Politics - Wisconsin.

(All links from JSOnline’s DayWatch)

Just after finding out that 22% of voter registrations/address changes since August 6 do not match up to drivers’ license records, the Government “Accountability” Board ruled that not only will those registrants be allowed to vote with no correction of the voter registration and no check of any ID, but that future mismatches will be ignored. A vote on a motion to require an at-poll ID check for those that don’t correct inconsistencies in voter registration failed on a 3-3 vote, while a vote on a motion to ignore future mismatches passed 5-1.

Everything has gone according to ‘Rat Governor Jim “Craps” Doyle’s (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) plan, as he is the one who put all 6 members that board after the two bipartisan boards that preceded it, the State Elections Board and State Ethics Board, failed in his favor on various matters before them so egregiously that “something had to be done”.

Revisions/extensions (6:11 pm 8/27/2008) – My semi-sarcastic advice to Team McCain; abandon Wisconsin (except for La Crosse, which serves northeast Iowa) as this state is now as lost a cause as Illinois.

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