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The Morning Scramble, Part 2 – 8/25/2008

by @ 9:39 on August 25, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I’ve done so many of these, I don’t know if I’m starting to duplicate songs like a bad radio station. Oh well; eddiebear reminded me I missed John Lee Hooker’s birthday by a few days, so let’s roll with him…


  • Ed Morrissey highlights another outreach from Team McCain to the PUMAs.
  • Cuffy Meigs highlights 3 women who are now very much in play for John McCain’s VP, including a new player, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.
  • The Vintage one points out Whitman is pro-life.
  • Michael Medved shills for non-starter Kay Bailey Hutchison.
  • Curt found another non-starter, Colin Powell. Looks like I’ll have to start thinking about a last-minute look at the choices for McCain.
  • Bill Quick discovered lowering taxes is still a winning issue. You folks in Madison paying attention?
  • Soren Dayton stirs the pot of the RNC chair race.
  • Lady Logician blows up the MPR/UMinn poll claiming a lead for Al Franken with the poll’s own numbers.
  • Speaking of polls, Bruce Walker found an encouraging baseline trend over the last 13 Battleground Polls. Of course, I have a salient question; if anywhere between 58% and 63% of respondents identify themselves as “conservatives” versus either “moderates” or “liberals”, with 60% in the current one, how in the <expletive deleted> did we end up with the most-liberal set of Presidential nominees since 1972?
  • Allahpundit caught Virginia Governor and Obama VP short-lister Tim Kaine (D) skipping out on geography.
  • Kate explains the ‘Rat tax plan in sports terms.
  • Carol Platt Liebau chronicles the latest episodes of Leftist moral equivalence.
  • Ed Driscoll welcomes noted porker former Senator Trent “Cave-A-“Lott (R) to the porkbuster party with the usual satire.
  • LBG is running down why John Edwards is refunding donations made from the America he is a part of (the rich America), while he isn’t refunding donations from the America he claims to be fighting for (the poor America). Guess he’s just doing his part to make sure that he wasn’t lying when he said there are Two Americas.
  • Stephen Green defends Denver from the presstitute portion of the Leftist assault.
  • JammieWearingFool Presstitute Follies, Part I – he caught Pennsylvania Governor (and Clinton superdelegate) Ed Rendell slipping an obvious truth out – PMSNBC is the official network of the Obaminaton Express.
  • JammieWearingFool Presstitute Follies, Part II – he caught the nutroots threating The News Organization That Cannot Be Named™ for not showing 110% fealty toward the Obamination. Can I root for both sides to lose here?
  • Patrick delivers last night’s dose of Gorebal “Warming” – a frost and freeze around the west end of Lake Superior. While it is not unprecedented (I’ve been there mostly this time of year the last 15 years), it is highly-unusual.
  • Aaron states the obvious (or what would be obvious to anybody who watched the “oil” episode of “Modern Marvels” the other week); there’s a lot more than just gasoline that is made from oil.
  • Continuing with the Hot Air pluggage (only partially because they have temporarily opened the door for registration) – Ed Morrissey reports that a land swap could solve the ANWR standoff…if the goal of the envirowhackos was to protect the environment and not to send us back to the 13th Century.
  • Lawhawk has the three-years-later Katrina wrap-up.
  • Randall Hoven has a point-by-point destruction of the Left’s lies about Iraq.
  • Back to lawhawk – he digs the truth behind the Red Chinese infrastructure. What is the Chinese word for Potemkin?
  • Owen reports on a solar-powered plane that’s managed to stay aloft more than 3 days. Nice, but I have a question; what happens in the winter when there’s little sunlight, and that sunlight delivers less energy?
  • Uncle Jimbo, Matt Burden, Mary Katharine Ham, and a few others went down to North Carolina to visit Blackwater. If you notice a greenish tint to my skin, it’s not because I’m sick.

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