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Sensenbrenner-Burkee debate – audio

by @ 22:40 on August 27, 2008. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

Nick Schweitzer has a good summary up of the debate in Germantown tonight between Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner and Dr. Jim Burkee for the Republican nomination (and, because there are no other candidates in any other parties, the actual seat) in the 5th Congressional District. Yes, he was there with his laptop, and he was typing furiously throughout the debate. Wisconsin Eye was also there, so they should have video up in the near-future and they have video and audio.

My contribution, at least at this point, is an audio recording of the debate. I’m too tired to give a detailed analysis right now, but I do want to say a couple things:

– I would much rather see a challenge to Tom Petri than either Sensenbrenner or Paul Ryan, especially since much of Burkee’s platform is fiscal responsibility.
– Jim Burkee would be a good person to either do that challenge or compete for an open seat. No, he wouldn’t be perfect, and depending on the other persons, I may not support him.

Revisons/extensions (4:15 pm 8/28/2008) – First off; sorry about the incomplete post. I suffered the typical user error on that.

Next, Wisconsin Eye did get the video up (thanks for that and the link, P-Mac).

Also, Dean Mundy, Jack Lohman, and West Bend Citizen Advocate were in the audience and have thoughts up on their respective blogs.

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