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Drunkblogging the Obamination Coronation

by @ 17:25 on August 28, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

It’s been too long since I fired up Cover It Live, so I may as well fire it up for the acceptance speech coronation of Barack Hussein Obama II as the Democratic Presidential nominee. The fun will kick off at about 7:45 pm. Since this will almost certainly contain a lot of expletives, it will not be simulcast over at my corner hole in TownHall’s wall.

Programming note; if either Shoebox or I find items to blog about before the start, I will move this to the top of the heap.

Joining in the mayhem:
The FReepers have been doing ‘Rat Patrol all afternoon
The Morons are on the case
The Lizards will start here (don’t ask me where they’ll end)
RightwingSparkle is running a chat (I’m having a bit of a problem getting in there)
Sister Toldjah has the updates that matter

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