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And Your Point is Exactly?

by @ 10:15 on August 30, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

In an article early last evening, the Politico reports:

Palin’s hubby and son not Republicans

(play dramatic conclusion music Duh, duh Daaaaaaaaaah!)

Are they suggesting that “hubby and son” wouldn’t or haven’t, voted for Palin? (by the way, would they use a term like “wifey” if Palin was male?   Or, as Heather points out, is “hubby” the male version of “Trophy Wife” which was the meme anytime the left talked about Jeri Thompson.) Are they suggesting that Palin’s husband and son would support Obama?

For those who may have a tough time keeping up, let me give you a likely and plausible explanation. While I struggle to remember the last, or for that matter if I have ever, voted for a Democrat, I’m not a Registered Republican. Why? Well, part of it is I don’t like being labeled part of any large group. It’s also because, especially over the past few years, I’ve been very dissatisfied with what the Republicans have been doing. Remaining unaffiliated gives me a clear conscience of supporting people like John Kline (my congresscritter) while still sending weekly emails and calls to Norm Coleman’s office as he hides behind the “R” label and does dumb things like joining the Gang of 16.

A big part of Sarah Palin’s story is that she has taken on corruption in Alaska. As I understand the information, a fair amount of that corruption was within the Republican party up there. If your spouse is coming home every day telling you about all the crap that the party they are a part of is doing, do you suppose you might be just a bit less enthusiastic about putting your name on the rolls of the assumed lock step agreement folks? I know I would.

Once again, Politico, what exactly is your point? It doesn’t appear you have one.

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