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Another shiv in the back of Milwaukee’s business climate

by @ 19:54 on July 16, 2008. Filed under Business, Politics - Milwaukee.

(H/T – Peter)

JSOnline’s DayWatch reports that the various groups seeking to impose mandatory paid sick leave on every private-sector employer in Milwaukee via direct legislation had enough signatures verified. Businesses with more than 10 employees would be required to provide an hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, or 9 full days (72 hours) for a full-time employee, while small businesses would have their liability capped at 5 full days (40 hours). Employees would also be able to bank the time, but not take more than 72 hours per year.

Since this is direct legislation, the only way this can be stopped is if the Common Council decides to let the voters have their say, and then the voters reject it. The Council cannot otherwise do anything other than adopt it as-is.

Welcome to France.

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