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Wicked weather part 2

by @ 16:58 on June 7, 2008. Filed under Weather.

Tornado sirens going off again. This time, it’s aiming north of the bunker and at both my sisters’ places.

I’ve been updating the Twitter; that’s faster than updating this.

Getting thunder now, and it’s pretty dark.

Revisions/extensions (7:32 pm 6/7/2008) – Now it’s the flood. Got back from the rural property (burgers and brats by the older sister there), lots of streets flooded. Drexel and Rawson both under the tracks between 6th and 13th, 6th north of Marquette (which will come as a shock to those from the east trying to avoid the Rawson flood), flowing water on my street in the subdivision (and I’m at the high end), water to the top of the curb at the other end.

Dan Deibert has some wicked video from and a pic of a 2″ hailstone that fell in his neck of the woods (western Waukesha). Hope everybody’s making it through this.

Update: 9:56AM – link fixed – Shoebox

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