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The Morning Scramble – 6/28/2008

by @ 7:35 on June 28, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I have to tip my cap to Don Smiley; the Summerfest lineup looks soooo good on paper…


Yes, it’s the weekend. Normally that would stop me in my tracks, but let’s roll on:

  • Jim Hoft opens fire on Barack Obama. Remember what I said about past performance.
  • Jim Geraghty jumps all over Obama’s failed privatization of low-income housing. The trouble actually was hiring a bunch of contributor slumlords like property-purchase-partner Tony Rezko, not the privatization (Cabrini Green rings a warning bell).
  • Jed calls the food menu in Denver for the ‘Rat convention an “Epic FAIL!”
  • Lawhawk catches Matt Drudge diving into the tank on gas prices. I will note that Drudge doesn’t take his own pictures, but choosing one that has only racing fuels on it is, at the least, misleading.
  • E.M. Zanotti laughs at Michigan’s latest attempt to use government subsidies to try to bail itself out of a business crisis mostly of its own making; wood-chips-to-ethanol.

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