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Meeting of the Morons – prelude

by @ 21:40 on June 27, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Yep, tonight was just the prelude. Due to various issues, I was the only one to make it to eastern Michigan today, and to the abode of one Lemur King and family. LM and family are the prototypical family, great husband and wife, two wonderful young children, and one incredibly-friendly cat (which I’m surprisingly not allergic to). The food lineup changed just a bit from the Indonesian fried rice LM had planned, to a Korean dish called Jae Jaeng Myun. I wholeheartedly approve, but then again, I like spicy.

The trip in for me was horrid. The “fun” began right at the Wisconsin-Illinois border with the reconstruction and expansion of the Tri-State (note to the DOT; Illinois is not making it 8 lanes north of Rosecrans). The Edens was horrid close to the Junction (with the Kennedy). The Skyway, as always, sucked at the toll booth.

Then the real fun began once I rejoined I-94 in Indiana. The Indiana DOT and its contractors chose today to do the actual repaving of the inside lanes, so the left lane was narrowed for a bunch of miles. That helped create a rather long stretch of stop-and-go. Michigan had its share of construction as well, along with a lot of state police. The good news is they’ll basically let you do 10 over, and outside the construction zones, the speed limit’s 70.

I’m pretty much toast since it’s 10:38 here. Tomorrow’s BBQ day.

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