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We paid the Zizzo Group how much? UPDATE – $329,633?

by @ 17:53 on May 1, 2008. Filed under Politics - Oak Creek.

Greg Kowalski not only recaps the list of other finalists for what’s now the Boomgaard District (DUCK!), but the other names the Zizzo Group came up with.

Citygate – Yeah, that worked real well in DC </sarcasm>
Twin Corridor – There is no trace of the old 41 Twin drive-in anymore. Other than that, and an otherwise-complete lack of originality, it actually isn’t too bad.
Metro South – Yeah, that’s going to go over real well with those that think the metro area ends at the Menomomee River valley or Oklahoma Ave.
27 South – Welcome to the jungle, fellow gangbangers.
Root River Junction – Honestly, I like it. However, do you really want a harsh focus on what most of those on either side of the Root River consider an impenetrable barrier?
Orchard Station – Station? STATION?
Orchard Six – Juuuuust a bit too cute by half (literally).
SouthCorr – Real attractive name…NOT!
SoCol – See Root River Junction and Metro South, and add in a dash of Orchard Six.
27 Stretch – I’m sure the On the Border guys love it. I’m not so sure about anything else.
Lower Six – There’s exactly one “Lower” that’s been successful, and we’re not in Manhattan.

I may not be creative, but I know butt-ugly names when I see them. The ad hoc committee and ultimately the Common Councils should’ve gone back to the drawing board.

Revisions/extensions (6:30 pm 5/1/2008) – $329,633 for this load?

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