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The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 5/22/2008

by @ 9:33 on May 22, 2008. Filed under Open Thread Thursday, The Morning Scramble.

If I were smart, I would’ve done this one last week…


  • Jim Hoft has the terror stats you won’t see trumpeted in the media.
  • Zip follows up on the Germans-let-Taliban-commander-walk story. Guess feeding the crocodiles is hazardous to one’s health.
  • Mike asks, “Who is to blame for high gas prices?”
  • Shoebox answers. Pay attention, Sen. McCain; he’s talking about you.
  • Speaking of McCain, Michelle Malkin notes his campaign is sponsoring comment spam. A healthy chunk of my roll is on the hit list, but I’m not. Could I be THAT mercurial? (Yes.)
  • Ace remembered the last candidate to do that. Guess the McCainiacs and the PaulNuts have more in common than I thought.
  • Ed Morrissey caught the New York Times violating their ethics policy in trying to roll the McCain campaign. Note; this message, while it may seem to be paid for by the McCain campaign, most certainly isn’t.
  • More Ed; he urges House Republicans to take the third and final chance to kill the Farm Pork Bill.
  • Still on pork, Kate catches Harry Reid giving a wet sloppy French kiss to Planned Parenthood while using the war supplemental bill as cover.
  • Jon Ham has a multitude of reasons to eat popcorn while the oh-so-tolerant Left eats their own. UUUURRRPPP!!!!! (Excuse me.)

As a reminder, I’ll be gone for a week starting Saturday on my Great Canadian Walleye Hunt. Shoebox is back from his fishing trip, and I should have the usual guest-blogging crew in.

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