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The Morning Scramble – 5/9/2008

by @ 9:02 on May 9, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Time to dip back before I was born again…


PJ-Comix uses Operation Chaos to laugh at the HUffies.
JammieWearingFool has exclusive video of the effects of Operation Downfall on Hillary Clinton. Warning; the video is most certainly NSFW.
Slublog delivers yet another instant-classic SluShop to Clinton’s peg leg.
Flip has some good news and some bad news for John McCain on the economic front. The good; 75% of economists that answered like him better than Clinton or Barack Obama on the economy. The bad; half of them asked took a pass on the question.
Uncle Jimbo and Just A Grunt look at both sides of two things the House Rats are bound and determined to kill without making it look like they want them dead; funding for the War and a new GI Bill.
Michelle Malkin is ready to go RINO-hunting with Pat Toomey. Mind if I bring a .308?
John Hawkins answers why the GOP is fading fast. I don’t think it’s a coincidence I’m putting this item where I put it.
Ed Morrissey highlights another reason why I didn’t support Mike Huckabee. Not coincidentally, Huckabee’s comparison of diabetes to terrorism also plays into the previous two items.
Shoebox says the birds of Minnesota could’ve used some actual global warming; The Winter That Won’t Die™, 10,000 Lakes Edition killed off a heap of songbirds.
Greg Kowalski says Boomgaard is going back to the drawing board.
CDR Salamander has a must-read Fullbore Friday, featuring the most-decorated plane crew ever and Old 666.
Stephen Green channeled Rammstein (the band, not the air base or town for which it is named) when he found out why NBC is going with Microsoft to distribute its shows online. To paraphrase their “biggest hit” on this side of the Atlantic… Sie. Sie hassen. Sie hassen uns.
Wyatt Earp highlights the Stupid Criminals of the Day. Guess they rooted for Wile E. Coyote as children.
Plebian has your daily mental exercises. The crooks in the last item failed to do them, and look what happened.

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