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The Morning Scramble – 5/23/2008

by @ 9:26 on May 23, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

There is but one reason for this song…


I’m on vacation next week (hunting the great Canadian walleye, to be specific), so I’ll leave you in the tender care of Shoebox and the guest-bloggers. Before then, however, we’ve got one more Scramble:

  • Matt reminds us of what Monday truly is for. Words cannot express enough my appreciation for those that gave all for the greatest country on Earth.
  • Owen (my blogfather) and Jed are celebrating the fifth blogiversary of Boots and Sabers. I hope I don’t have to explain to anybody how it is the most-influential Wisconsin blog.
  • Ace is shocked, SHOCKED that the ‘Rats would lie about Iraq. I wonder just how angry the DUmmies and KOmmies are after finding out that Paul Kanjorski rolled them right over.
  • Ed Morrissey exposes the latest “Hide the Language” game being played by the ‘Rats. So much for “Most Ethical Congress EVAH!”
  • HotAir commenter cannonball answered my plea on that thread for a Wile E. Pelosi, genius Photoshop…

    Thank you, cannonball.

  • Pete Fanning wonders where Steve Kagen (D-Green Bay) is on the SAVE Act now that it’s time to pull it out of committee. Funny thing is, Kagen is a co-sponsor.
  • Allahpundit catches Maxine Waters admiring Hugo Chavez and socialism so much she doesn’t even know the right term for what she wants to do to the oil industry. I believe the proper verb is “destroy”.
  • Shoebox finds a Flatlander pol that is happier than a pig in shit over high gas prices. Doyle (he of the $.40/gallon federal tax hike for “infrastructure” call, ironic considering he uses Wisconsin’s transportation fund as his personal slush fund) has to be envious of Blagojevich and his state’s imposition of sales taxes on gasoline.

    Side note, that sales tax is what Barack Hussein Obama was once so opposed to, he wanted placards saying he was responsible for its temporary suspension back in 2000.

  • Mike runs some numbers on Chuck Schumer’s claims of the value of Saudi oil versus ANWR oil. Guess we can put Chuckie into the Blood for Oil category.
  • Silent E has the Obamanation Quote of the Day. Question to BHO – if you think we’re the greatest country in the world, what are you going to change it to?
  • Trail-Mix collates a heap of toons hacking apart BHO, Gorebal Warming and the Farm Pork Bill.
  • John Hawkins is off the McCain Straight Double Talk Express. It took a lot to get Hawkins off the Express, but lying directly to his ear on immigration did it.
  • JammieWearingFool has news of one less difference between the two halves of the bipartisan Party-In-Government; a proposed FCC rule imposing “advisory boards” full of the aggrieved designed to bum-rush radio stations that are too conservative (specifically, anti-illegal-immigrant) off the air. The UN-Fairness Doctrine by any other name, and this one’s from a nominally-Pubbie FCC.
  • Speaking of the aggrieved, Patrick McIlheran notes the professional complainers are mad over carbonated fruit. No, they’re not mad because carbonated fruit is any less healthy than non-carbonated fruit; they’re mad because they see it as a gateway to soda. News flash – it’s more of a gateway away from soda.
  • Dean says, “Just blog to be healthy.”
  • JackBoot found a very enterprising car dealer who is giving away a handgun with every purchase. If only I were in southwest Missouri instead of southeast Wisconsin,….
  • Jib skewers the decision by the UN to send condoms to Burma as aid relief.

Blogging will be light on my end today and tomorrow; I still have some last-minute items to take care of. If I don’t make it back in here, see you next Saturday.

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