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Can We UnFolly Alaska?

by @ 5:35 on May 30, 2008. Filed under Envirowhackos.

On May 14th, Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne announced that the Department of the Interior was classifying Polar Bears as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. The full impact of this action is still to be seen but advocates for the decision have not been coy about their desire to use decisions like these to further the claims of gorebal warming. Further, by having polar bears listed as “threatened” activity in their habitat areas will be much more vigorously monitored and likely severely curtailed. Included in this activity would be drilling for oil.

The folks who brought you the notion of a “threatened” polar bear are not happy with a one animal roadblock to oil exploration, they are looking to add four more. This article documents the new attempts to add four seal species to the threatened list for the same reason that polar bears were added, the ice is melting. Except it isn’t!

I won’t go into the nonsense about the magically shrinking (oh wait, it’s back) polar ice. There are plenty of articles to find on the topic.

Seeing as how we’re allowing the greenies to chip away any ability to drill for our own oil. And seeing that we have no viable alternative to the use of oil short of a return to the 19th century, I’m wondering….

Other countries have no trouble drilling for oil. Some would put a drill head right through a sleeping polar bear or seal if they needed to. If we aren’t going to leverage our investment in Alaska, let’s sell it back to Russia or even China. We’d get some of those excess dollars out of circulation and dump a bunch of real estate that obviously doesn’t have any value.

I’ll guarantee that if Russia or China owned Alaska, they would have oil rigs drilling faster than you could say “Bite me greenie!”

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