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NRE Spring Hill campaign holding fire

by @ 15:40 on April 29, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

In case you missed the update from the Southern Command relayed through the 10,000 Lakes Observation Post, Rush Limbaugh (CinC-EIB) has called for an operational pause on Operation Chaos. In accordance with that, and at the suggestion of Shoebox (see that link), the NRE Spring Hill campaign is now in a holding pattern awaiting the next target. Instant review of the mission objectives:

– Obama not the inevitable nominee – CHECK
– ‘Rats at each others’ throats like it is 1860 – CHECK
– No sleep ’till Denver – TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY

I still have ammo, avgas, and an itchy trigger finger. It’s now a balancing act to keep this pot boiling and not exploding until August.

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