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Al Franken, funny as ever

by @ 12:03 on April 30, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

I knew Al Franken was an alleged comedian but I thought he was serious about running for a Minnesota Senate seat.   Turns out Franken was just telling a long, expensive joke.

I wrote hereabout Franken’s tax troubles.  

Yesterday, the latest shoe dropped as Franken admitted that he had unreported income in 17 states. He remained quick to point out that it was his accountant that made the mistake not Al himself.

Like most liberals, Franken has been running on a platform of corporation and CEO bashing. He continues to wail about unaccountability and how corporations take advantage of the common folk. It now appears that Franken has been speaking from experience. Not paying workers comp insurance for his common folks and signing off on false returns seems to be just the kind of thing that Franken has been decrying.

I had never found Franken particularly funny. His material struck me as more mean spirited than witty. It now appears that I had been looking for humor in the wrong place. It turns out that the joke is actually Al Franken.

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