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The Morning Scramble – 3/31/2008

by @ 7:08 on March 31, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

The Winter That Won’t Die™ is being dealt the death blow today. Unfortunately, it’s not sun that’s dealing it…

YouTube Preview Image

- Gabriel Malor is all doom and gloom.
- Bill Quick channels the infamous Lazamataz after he read a “study” saying cell phones are deadlier than smoking or asbestos.
- Jim Lynch has a caption contest going on Barack Obama’s “bowling”, while doubleplusundead has the gory details on how it is like his chances in Pennsylvania.
- Owen goes into the Howard Dean memory hole.
- William Smith, the Liberty Brian and CDR Salamander are back in the saddle again.
- Conservative Belle notes the nannies are no longer satisfied with seizing real guns.
- Headless Blogger has the next no-drill zone for the envirowhackos; North Dakota.
- Jessica McBride has the salient question in former Milwaukee police chief Nannette Hegarty’s discrimination claim.
- Carol Platt Liebau has two very different reasons why the Goracle isn’t stepping in to save the Dems from themselves. I hope it’s the latter reason; there’s nothing quite like making the two largest constituencies mad.

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