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The Morning Scramble – 3/31/2008

by @ 7:08 on March 31, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

The Winter That Won’t Die™ is being dealt the death blow today. Unfortunately, it’s not sun that’s dealing it…


– Gabriel Malor is all doom and gloom.
Bill Quick channels the infamous Lazamataz after he read a “study” saying cell phones are deadlier than smoking or asbestos.
Jim Lynch has a caption contest going on Barack Obama’s “bowling”, while doubleplusundead has the gory details on how it is like his chances in Pennsylvania.
Owen goes into the Howard Dean memory hole.
William Smith, the Liberty Brian and CDR Salamander are back in the saddle again.
Conservative Belle notes the nannies are no longer satisfied with seizing real guns.
Headless Blogger has the next no-drill zone for the envirowhackos; North Dakota.
Jessica McBride has the salient question in former Milwaukee police chief Nannette Hegarty’s discrimination claim.
Carol Platt Liebau has two very different reasons why the Goracle isn’t stepping in to save the Dems from themselves. I hope it’s the latter reason; there’s nothing quite like making the two largest constituencies mad.

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