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The Morning Scramble – 3/28/2008

by @ 9:01 on March 28, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

I have to thank Ed Driscoll for picking today’s music to surf by….


Random10 gives some love to the winningest driver in racing history.
Doubleplusundead says, “Hawks have to eat too, even if it’s ankle-yappers.”
Kate is so mad at StartLogic for slow site loads and less-than-responsive customer service, she’ll be moving the Ol’ Broad family of blogs (An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings, silent E speaks, and Wales Wisconsin) off their servers soon. Disclosure, I’ve been trying to get things sped up for them without a lot of success; neither an optimization and repair of the various databases involved nor a significant reduction in the calls to the PHP engine have worked (though I did manage to hack the Silent One’s “non-WP-2.2/2.3-compatible” theme enough to get his local blogroll back with 2.3.3 and get Kate’s blog so that errors aren’t showing up if one goes straight to instead of throwing in the WordPress subdirectory).
Uncle Jimbo heaps praise after praise on Missouri for the VIP treatment of the National Heroes Tour.
– Staying with UJ, he reminds us that, while wars continue until one side or the other suffers enough that the survivors would rather accept surrender than fight, lasting peace comes from convincing the children and grandchildren of those survivors the victors are not the enemy.
John Hawkins and RNC Chair Mike Duncan discuss why conservatives shouldn’t sit out this election. I’ll probably have some further thoughts on that in a bit.
Charlie Sykes cheers the Scorched Earth policy from our gal (of the spring, that is) Hill. Let there be chaos in Denver.
Kathy Carpenter is shocked, SHOCKED WEAC (for those of you out of state, that’s the dominant public teachers’ union here in the land of cheese and beer) would mislead.
– A pair of Patricks (BadgerBlogger and McIlheran) take whacks at State Sen. (and Milwaukee County Executive candidate) Lena Taylor’s (D-Milw.) last gasp sliming of current County Executive Scott Walker. Before you question why I put the “D” behind Taylor’s name and didn’t put an “R” behind Walker’s (he was a Republican Assemblyman before becoming County Executive), the office of County Executive is nonpartisan, while the office Taylor currently holds is partisan.
– Holes in Apple’s armor, part 1 – E.M. Zanotti had her laptop die on her, then discovered Apple’s less-than-customer-friendly return policy.
– Holes in Apple’s armor, part 2 – Gaius reports it took a skilled Apple hacker all of 2 minutes of phishing to crush the Mac’s vaunted security and make it a zombie.
– Disgruntled Truck Triver delivers a trio of toons.
JihadGene channels Kim Jong-Il busting out the tunes while launching rockets.
Gateway Pundit notes Iranian-born Eshan Jami will really push the envelope with the jihadis (and just about everybody else).
Wyatt Earp asks, “Who’s to blame when kids curse?” I would put a content warning on this particular link, but because there are multiple creative uses of characters, I’ll simply slap a PG rating on it.

Revisions/extensions (9:28 am 3/28/2008) – I usually don’t point back to here because, well, you’re here, but for those of you who somehow missed the post below this one, Shoebox explains “subprime” to those of us who didn’t know just how sub it really was. That includes the dolts that gave 75% of those loans a AAA rating.

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