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Rules for hiring hookers

by @ 19:37 on March 10, 2008. Filed under Politics.

Since New York governor Elliot Spitzer (D) failed to keep his hooker finances in sufficient order to not attract the unwanted attention of the IRS and the FBI (H/T – ABC’s Blotter via Allahpundit), I think it’s time to spell out some rules of the street:

1. Do NOT mess with hookers. It’s illegal in 49 states, and even if you are where it’s legal, it’s not worth it especially if you’re married.

2. If you’re stupid enough to ignore rule #1, always pay cash. ALWAYS!

3. In order to come up with the cash, do not exceed the $10,000 limit that automatically triggers a report to the IRS. Similarily, do not think that multiple transactions at the same bank that are just below that $10,000 will not trigger that report.

4. When making your nom de action, don’t use the good name of a political contributor.

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