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McCain rallies the base – Part 2

by @ 11:25 on February 25, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

While I’m sure it wasn’t on his “things to do this week” list, John McCain got some of the Republican base rallied last week as he turned the tables on the New York Times, junior high smear piece….”Psst, do you know who I saw with John McCain?   I think they LIKE each other!”

Now that the House is back in session, McCain should use his position as the assumed Republican Nominee (sorry Huck folks) to explain to the American people why the FISA bill, as passed by the Senate, is important to American security and should be passed without delay.   In doing so McCain will accomplish 3 things:

  1. Get important intelligence tools back in place.
  2. Define the differences between Republican priorities for the nation and Democratic priorities i.e. Security for the American people versus security for the American trial lawyers.
  3. Build upon the base awakening that was caused by the NYT and give them a rallying point for another week.

McCain can only win the general election if he gets the base to not just tolerate him, but embrace him.   Issues like FISA give him the perfect issue to work towards that goal.

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