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McCain, Mexico win the Florida primary

by @ 20:38 on January 29, 2008. Filed under Politics - National.

The Alphabet Soup has long ago declared it for the team of John McCain, Mexico, and DhimmiRATs. With 64% of the precincts reporting, McCain’s up by just over 61,000 votes out of approximately 1.5 million. I’m too tired to unleash the required number of expletives, so instead, I’ll take the overnight to toss over just how I want to write American conservatism’s epitaph. I really could and should have done that the moment Fred Thompson was bounced from the race, but with the inevitability of spit-in-the-eye-of-conservatives McCain and the flop back to liberalist populism by Mitt Romney in his last gasp, it’s now well past time to start writing.

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