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Darshan Dhaliwal, Pubbie-only donor?

by @ 12:53 on January 18, 2008. Filed under Law and order, Politics - Wisconsin, Presstitute Follies.

That is exactly what Raquel Rutledge, Jennie Tunkieicz, Ben Poston, and their editors at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel would want you to believe. In their story about how Dhaliwal sold unbranded gasoline as BP gasoline, they gleefully point out how closely he was tied to both Tommy Thompson and President Bush.

Just one sliiiiiiiiiiight problem; they never heard of Jessica McBride. Her very-quick search through the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign archives revealed a who’s-who of Democrats and liberals very-amply supported by Dhaliwal, including $17,000 to Jim Doyle (almost twice the amount given to both the Thompson state and federal campaigns combined) and a $500 donation to Louis Butler during his previous, failed run for the state Supreme Court.

I decided to run Dhaliwal’s various donations, both state and federal (the latter from the FEC), through the spreadsheet, and imagine my surprise to find the following over the last 16 years (14 on the federal side):

– $75,980 in donations to 58 Democrats and liberal-leaning candidates and committees overall
– $53,280 in donations to the Wisconsin (not federal) campaigns of 48 Democrats and liberal-leaning candidates and committees
– $21,800 in donations to 13 Republican candidates overall (no non-Republican conservative-leaning candidates or committees)
– $17,500 in donations to the Wisconsin (not federal) campaigns of 11 Republicans

Hmmm, why do you think the Fifth Column at Fourth and State only mentioned Thompson and Bush, and went out of their way to avoid any mention of Democrats or Loophole Louis? Could it be that the presstitute-‘Rat alliance has elections to ste…er, win?

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