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Yet another Iowa pol becomes a Fredhead

by @ 23:17 on December 28, 2007. Filed under Politics - National.

(H/T – Death By 1000 Papercuts via Curt)

Another piece of the conservative Iowa puzzle fell into place today as Rep. Gary Worthan endorsed Fred Thompson. Worthan pretty much summed up my thoughts: “I’ve been impressed with Fred’s ability to boil the issues down to the essential items, without a lot of hyperbole. He just plain tells the truth. We’re in a long hard struggle and there are no easy answers like some of the other candidates are coming with.”

Things are starting to gel, and as both Rick Moran and I pointed out on bRight @ Night, there is still a lot of room for movement in Iowa. The late endorsements from the politicians that matter, the Fred bus tour, and the blogburst (both the money raised and the numbers shown) have put Thompson on the far bank of the half-frozen river and in position to be the last man standing, not just the last conservative standing.

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