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Geraghty – So, Can Republicans Ask Questions at the Next Democratic Debate?

by @ 9:27 on November 29, 2007. Filed under Politics - National.

I promise, this will be the last national politics thing today (though I do reserve the right to update those posts I already have up if the weed patch known as the CNN/YouTube debates sprouts anything else; for anything else, hit the roll). I’ve got a set of spreads to crush and some Cowpokes fans to poke. I also think there’s a few things brewing in the land of cheese and beer.

Jim Geraghty asks whether Pubbies get to get in on the planting at the next ‘Rat debate. Given the ‘Rats are so afraid of conservatives they refused en masse to appear on Fox News, I can answer that in two words, with the second being “no”.

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