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Viva Las Vegas

by @ 9:10 on October 28, 2007. Filed under Sports.

Hopefully I’ll be doing this from Vegas inside of 2 weeks after The Wisconsin Sports Bar wins the 2007 Weblog Awards Sports Blog of the Year, so it’s good that I’m reversing the losing trend. Let’s review how the nose picks did….

Chicago 19 @ Philadelphia 16 (-6) – In other news, Rocky got booed.
Tampa Bay 16 (+2.5) @ Detroit 23 – Turnover, turnover, turnover.
Minnesota 14 @ Dallas 24 (-9) – Where did my sense of the over-unders go?
Arizona 19 @ Washington 21 (-8.5-LOSS) – Please send the bill to Messrs. Fletcher and Landry.
Atlanta 16 (+8-WIN) @ New Orleans 22 – Guess we know why the Jags gave up on Leftwich; he’s no Favre.
Baltimore 14 (-3) @ Buffalo 19 – The OldBrowns did everything right except win, dammit.
New England 49 (-17) @ Miami 28 – Start building.
San Francisco 15 @ NY Giants 33 (-9.5) – So it was Dilfer who put on the cement overshoes.
Tennessee 38 (-1) @ Houston 36 – And I ran, I ran so far away. Couldn’t get away, but I got just enough points.
Kansas City 12 (+3) @ Oakland 10 – I was only 28 yards and 2 scores off.
NY Jets 31 (+6.5) @ Cincinnati 38 – Where did these offenses come from?
St. Louis 6 @ Seattle (-8.5) – I picked the right week to go with the Hags.
Pittsburgh 28 (-4) @ Denver 31 – I think it’s safe to say that Pittsburgh is not a road team.
Indianapolis 29 (-3.5) @ Jacksonville 7 – The CBS dream is still alive.

If you stayed away from the now-toxic over/unders, you made bank last week to the tune of 8-6, at least if your vig is only 10%. That pushes the record to 42-53-8 against the spread and 10-3-1 against the over/under.

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