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Time Warner/Charter vs Big Ten Network/NFL Network

by @ 20:27 on October 31, 2007. Filed under Business, Politics - Wisconsin, Sports.

I’m as pissed as anybody else that Time Warner (and Charter) and the BTN/NFLN can’t pull their collective heads out of their asses. Both sides want something that is not part of the deal between the networks and the satellite companies; the networks want on basic cable (that’s channels 2-99 that just about any TV made in the last dozen years can get) for ESPN money, while the cable companies want not only to put it on digital cable, but to bundle it with the likes of Fox Soccer Channel and the Outdoor Channel at an additional cost. By way of comparison, you have to get the 100-channel package from either DirecTV or Dish (or AT&T U-verse IF you can get it) to get either network. Funny thing is, that’s precisely what the “standard” digital package is on cable. However, both sides are too greedy to take the compromise.

What’s worse is the bi-partisan Party-In-Government in Madistan, full of self-righteous anger over not being able to watch the Wisconsin-OverratedSU football game live on Saturday. They want to step in and create a binding arbitration system to force the cable companies to take channels they don’t want at a price they aren’t willing to pay. What would be better is to simply get rid of the franchising monopoly altogether so more upstarts like AT&T can waltz in with better deals without giving tribute to either the locals as is the case now or the state as is the proposed case.

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