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So much for the political advantage

by @ 21:15 on October 24, 2007. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

In case you missed it below, or elsewhere around the Cheddarsphere, the spin is that this is a political win for the Pubbies. I hate to rain on that parade, but there’s a slight problem with that; namely, a no-new-taxes pledge from Americans for Tax Reform 24 Assemblymen signed. Here are the RepubicRATs who flat-out lied to their constituents when they signed that pledge:

– Donald Friske
– Eugene Hahn
– Jake Hines
– Terry Musser
– Scott Suder – Forgot originally
– Jeff Wood

For those counting along at home, or inside the Square, that’s more than the Pubbie margin in the Assembly. Further, it wasn’t necessary for any of those five six to break their word publicly; Mike Huebsch still had a 5 6 5-vote margin to work with.

Message to the wise; it’s not 1988 anymore. It’s a lot harder to bury duplicity; just ask former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle or former State Senate Republican Leader Mary Panzer.

Oh, and the recall window is now open.

Revisions/extensions (10:48 pm 10/24/2007) – Made a correction to the vote margin; Huebsch had even more room. Also added a reference the state Pubbies should have had burned into their collective memories.

R&E part 2 (12:06 am 10/25/2007) – I shouldn’t try this while watching the World Series and participating in a couple of open threads; I forgot Scott Suder. That also brings the vote margin back to where it was. Thanks, Jenny.

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