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Higher taxes, more spending, bigger gubmint now a fait accompli

by @ 19:42 on October 23, 2007. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, Taxes.

Mike Huebsch, RINO member of the Party-In-Government and speaker of the Assembly, got 60 votes for the Munich Acco…er, Grand Compromise. Since the original tax-and-spend party runs the Senate and occupies the governor’s mansion, it’s all over but the packing.

For those of you interested in finding out the remainder of the RINO members of P-I-G sold us taxpayers out, they are – Joan Ballweg (41st Assembly District), Brett “Soybean” Davis (80th), Jeff Fitzgerald (39th; the Fitzgerald family Turkey Day dinner ought to be interesting), Donald Friske (35th), Eugene Hahn (47th), Jake Hines (42nd), Dan Meyer (34th), Terry Moulton (68th), Jeffrey Mursau (36th), John Murtha (29th), Terry Musser (92nd), Lee Nerison (96th), Alvin Ott (3rd), Kevin Petersen (40th), Jerry Petrowski (86th), Kitty Rhoades (30th), Scott Suder (69th), Gary Tauchen (6th), John Townsend (52nd), Karl Van Roy (90th), Mary Williams (87th) and Jeffrey Wood (67th). For those counting at home, that, including Huebsch, is less than half the Pubbie caucus and pretty much the entire outstate caucus. I could’ve swore there was a caucus rule that said more than half the caucus had to agree to bring it up for a vote; I would like to know who simply put on a good show, or alternatively, whether Huebsch decided to screw over most of the Pubbies.

I invite each and every one of those listed above, including and starting with Mike Huebsch, to renounce their Republican affiliation and just join the ‘Rats since they’re already 90.9% there.

Revisions/extensions (7:58 pm 10/23/2007) – While the Senate also passed this 18-15, the “Pubbies” know their politics a little bit better, as every one of them rejected it. As expected, East Side Plale voted for this to try to avoid a repeat of Double Vote Riley in 2010.

Now, on to Craps and the veto pen. Any takers on him excising the few good things while not taking out the pork?

Revisions/extensions part 2 (9:38 am 10/27/2007) – Had Mary Williams from the wrong district.

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