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Stupid stunt of the day

by @ 15:19 on September 19, 2007. Filed under Politics - National.

Sherrie Tussler, professional poverty pimp executive director of the Hunger Task Force, thought that nobody would have had the resources to debunk her and her daughter’s run at the Food Stamp Challenge, a week of $1 meals. While the Journtinel bit hook, line, and sinker, Charlie did the research, and found that it is as phoney as a $3 bill. First, for a family of 2, the actual minimum amount the feds expect a family of 2 to spend food is $1.55 (plus fractions of a penny) per meal, with a sliding scale of subsidy based on actual need. Next, that amount does not, repeat, NOT, count the hot-breakfast and hot-lunch programs that take care of 10 of those 21 meals for children, or the WIC program, or even private food-pantry programs like Hunger Task Force.

Of course, all of that presumes that it is the role of the federal, or even state, or county, or municipal government, or schools for that matter, to keep the populace fat and sleepy. I don’t seem to see any Constitutional mandate, much less authority, for government to assume such a role.

Last I checked, it was obesity that is the “#1 health problem”, even among the “poor”. Maybe if the “poor” didn’t go out and buy cell phones, have cable/satellite TV in every room, put 18″ spinner wheels on their cars, wear $150 shoes, down copious amounts of alcohol, get toked up, and otherwise piss away an incredible amount of money, and relearned how to cook with staples rather than go with pre-processed food,…. Then again, “No Personal Consequences Or Responsibility” has been the state religion for the last 30 or so years.

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