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NFL Week 3

by @ 9:08 on September 23, 2007. Filed under Sports.

I’ll do a recap of Week 2 either tomorrow or Tuesday. Suffice it to say that Week 3 is Double Or Nothing Week.

San Diego @ Green Bay (+6.5) – I’m going for broke here. You may like the points, you may want the points, and reputable bookies will give you the points (though most of them are only going to give you 5.5 to 6), BUT YOU’RE NOT GONNA NEED THEM! The receiving band is back together.
Detroit (+5.5) @ Philadelphia – Taketh the over 44 as well.
Indianapolis (-7) @ Houston – The busy Texans’ trainer is your friend.
Minnesota (+3) @ Kansas City – The Chefs have no business being favored.
Buffalo @ New England (-17) – There is one reason and one reason only to lay the heavy lumber; Bills’ coach Dick Jauron.
Miami (+3) @ NY Jets – If you don’t know what I’m going to say here, you haven’t been paying attention.
San Francisco (+10) @ Pittsburgh – Too many points to give; there are 2 defenses on the field.
Arizona @ Baltimore (-7.5) – The only question here is whether the OldBrowns’ defense will score.
St. Louis @ Tampa Bay (-3.5) – The only feel I have for this one is the under 39.
Jacksonville @ Denver (-3.5) – Sooner or later, the Broncos will put up a crooked number in the tens column. It will be sooner.
Cincinnati @ Seattle (-3) – The BenGALS just are not a road team. The over/under of 49.5 scares me.
Cleveland (+3) @ Oakland – The name is Neo.
Carolina (-4.5) @ Atlanta – Joanie’s on his way out.
NY Giants @ Washington (-4) – How bad to the New York Football Giants suck? Does the fact I’m taking the Deadskins tell you anything?
Dallas @ Chicago (-3) – I’m glad it’s not 3 1/2.
Tennessee (+4) @ New Orleans – Back to the Aints.

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