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Blogging about Americans for Prosperity

by @ 16:02 on September 24, 2007. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Steve and I met because we’re both going to DC at the end of next week to attend the Defending the Dream summit sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

That’s the first time I’ll be on a blogger’s row and I’m looking forward to it.

Americans for Prosperity first crossed my radar screen when I encountered the pioneering work that their office in Texas has done on the problem of taxpayer-funded lobbying.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying is when cities, counties and school districts pay dues (with money, obviously, from their taxpayers) to belong to groups that spend that money on lobbying.

Here in Wisconsin, that includes groups like the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the Wisconsin Alliance of Cities.

I’d like to see cities, and counties, and public school districts in Wisconsin adopt the habit of putting information on their websites that clarifies how much in dues they pay to belong to these organizations, and what bills those organizations lobby for.

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