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Let’s make it 100 for 100

by @ 19:53 on August 28, 2007. Filed under Guns.

(H/T – Geoff at JunkYardBlog)

Michael at Innocent Bystanders picks up on a Reuters report that America has 90 guns per 100 citizens and suggests we all charge north. While I like the idea of no longer having to import my Kokanee and Labatt Maximum Ice, or pay non-citizen rates for a fishing license, I don’t like the prospect of having to supply my SocSecurity number to get that license.

While I have your attention, a late reminder from US Citizen at Traction Control that today is Buy Ammo Day. I am running a bit low on .40 S&W FMJ.

Revisions/extensions (7:59 pm 8/28/2007) – Elliot has the money quote from the AP version – “‘There’s no clear relationship between more guns and higher levels of violence,’ Krause said, pointing to low ownership and high crime rates in Latin America.”

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