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Helpful hint to the Dem Presidential candidates

by @ 4:40 on August 17, 2007. Filed under Politics - National.

To: Biden, Joseph; Clinton, Hillary; Dodd, Christopher; Edwards, John; Gravel, Mike; Kucinich, Dennis; Obama, Barack; Richardson, Bill
Cc: ABC News; CBS News; NBC News; CNN; New York Times; Washington Post; et al
Re: Your Republican opponent

With the abandonment of Tommy “The Other” Thompson’s long-shot campaign, there are currently no Republican candidates, either announced or likely, with any ties to the Bush Administration. Please make a note of it.

Emergency Blogging System
(What, you expected Steve to sign this one? He’s too busy laughing at your insistence on riding BDS with a Communistic backup plan to ruin, or that’s just a lack of sleep.)

P.S. With the Republican versions of Zero Personality and Human Gaffe Machine out of the race, you think you could get rid of the Gravel Road and Dennis the Menace?

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