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Bravo Zulu, Shark

by @ 9:05 on August 20, 2007. Filed under Law and order.

I’ll admit, I didn’t follow the case of In re M.R.N.. I should have. Rick Esenberg, who was one of the attorneys that got a victory for life, has a good primer of what the issues were. To wit:

– M.R.N., who reportedly suffers from violent dementia, was placed under sedation.
– She did not leave an advance directive of whether or when to end basic life support (water and feeding tube).
– Her “guardian”, along with Milwaukee attorney Robin Shapiro, decided to try to end said support, with the preference that the proceding be closed (i.e. secret).
– Of particular note, they neither claimed that M.R.N. was in a persistive vegitative state nor claimed that anybody knew M.R.N.’s wishes. That is key because under the current state of Wisconsin law (including a 1997 State Supreme Court decision), barring either the ward being in a persistive vegitative state or the ward giving a clear expression of preference, life support cannot be withdrawn at the request of a guardian.

On Friday, Shapiro and the “guardian” withdrew their request without prejudice. Ignoring the fact that they can bring it back, it is a major victory. If those murderers had succeeded, it would have made euthanasia a simple two-step of knocking somebody out and then finding somebody to say, “Kill ’em.”

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