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One time Charlie is definitely in the minority

by @ 18:34 on July 30, 2007. Filed under Miscellaneous.

At least he is and should be on the last idea from Sheldon Lubar he excerpted from the Journal Sentinel’s latest roundtable –

“Something that I do believe is a solution, and I’m bringing this out for the first time . . . a Milwaukee metropolitan fiscal control board. A board that would have as its purpose the final approval of annual budgets of these entities: No. 1, the Milwaukee Public Schools. No. 2, MATC, or if this board didn’t govern it, you could at least delegate it to the board of regents. They already make 30% or 35% more than the people at the University of Wisconsin who do have higher degrees.

“The Milwaukee sewerage commission. The Wisconsin Center. The Miller Park stadium authority. . . . We’ve got to revise this whole governance system, and I don’t think you’ll find an elected person that will disagree.”

I believe I covered that before. To wit, while it (probably) would be elected, it would suffer the same fatal flaw that the state Legislature suffers with shared revenue; namely, it makes funding decisions for others, as well as the fatal flaw that MATC and MMSD already suffer – a dominance by the city of Milwaukee.

To be fair to both Charlie and Sheldon, much of the rest of the ideas Charlie cherry-picked, from education being the key to boosting people out of poverty, to taking MEA out of the reins of MPS, is good.

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