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What Congress thinks of us

by @ 17:14 on June 21, 2007. Filed under Politics - National.

(H/T – Instapundit)

Before I begin, allow me to give the customary warning – due to adult language, reader discretion is advised.

Brian C. Ledbetter at Snapped Shot dug up a certain web site that is exclusive to Capitol Hill types (warning; very strong language) to allow them to vent anonymously. Let’s start off with something moderately-innoculous:

Yes, the Metro in July. Honestly, is there some kind of charter that says that you must be 50 lbs overweight, dress in clothes that don’t fit, and reek to high hell from all the sweat generated by walking five feet before you are allowed to tour this city. Also, don’t flock like lemmings to the one escalator that is working, walk up the stairs, to the left at all times, and don’t crowed around the doors, the rest of us would kike to get on as well.

6/21/2007 – 10:21 am

That’s one of the tamer ones. Here’s what they think of us exercising our First Amendment rights to petition Congress:

Senate staffers: Please tell your members to vote in favor
of the immigration bill"¦.so these ignorant fuckers will stop calling us!!!!

6/21/2007 – 9:35 am

I’ll wager the same is being said about Owen at the state Capitol. I can only hope to get that kind of notoriety (though today was a good step).

This sequence of three almost-consecutive posts is illuminating, especially since the bosses of these asshats get free access to the mail and can only get fired if they get voted out (italics in the original):

letters, letters, letters–lets raise stamp prices to 5 bucks a pop–that’ll stop people from writing to their reps!

6/19/2007 – 9:50 am

lets raise stamp prices to 5 bucks a pop–that’ll stop people from writing to their reps! Good idea. Now how do we deal with emails?

6/19/2007 – 10:01 am

lets raise stamp prices to 5 bucks a pop–that’ll stop people from writing to their reps!Hear, Hear. Now if only we could stop people from voting, we might have something!

6/19/2007 – 10:08 am

No rant is complete without the obligatory pro-Islamokazi post:

God bless Dennis Kucinich. I’m glad someone has the balls to go down to the House floor and defend the much maligned and misunderstood President of Iran, whatever his name is. Good peeps defending the honor of other good peeps. That’s what it’s all about.

6/18/2007 – 4:42 pm

Let’s see; a racist bigot who wishes you, me, the dumbass staffer, and everybody who isn’t a Shi’ite-flavored Islamokazi dead with delusions of being the second coming of Xerxes, who likely had a hand in the Iran hostage crisis. Yeah, he’s just “misunderstood” </sarcasm_moonbatty>

This is just screaming for a Friday Freefly.

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