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Troha cuts a deal, multiple heads of executive branches sweating

by @ 10:06 on June 22, 2007. Filed under Law and order, Politics - National, Politics - Wisconsin.

WTMJ-AM just reported that Dennis Troha has reached a plea deal with US Attorney Steve Biskupic to plead guilty to a pair of misdemeanor charges of conspiring to violate federal campaign laws, admit to also violating state election laws, and cooperate with the FBI in exchange for the dropping of pending federal mail fraud and federal false statement charges and the non-pursuance of potential state charges against Troha. WisPolitics put up statements from both Biskupic’s office and Troha.

This brings up a few interesting questions:

– Why would Troha cut a deal when a quarter of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is handing out “get out of jail free” cards to those engaged in political corruption?
– We know one of the potential targets now sweating; Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale). What we didn’t know until today is the other potential target; George Bush. You think that’s why the White House wanted Biskupic out? Oh, where’s the apologies for Biskupic being “partisan”?
– Related to that, how nice that the presstitutes have shown up to that party late, and are now loudly pronouncing their presence by putting Bush before Doyle.

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