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Last blog standing

by @ 18:41 on June 29, 2007. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, The Blog.

(H/T – Owen)

It seems the hacks at the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs got their collective panties in a wad when they found out one of their employees was reading blogs on state time, so they cut off access to no less than 202 websites (as compiled by Political Capital) for the employees of the DOVA and the residents of the veterans’ homes run by the state, spanning the spectrum of the Cheddarsphere and even some Wisconsin media websites. While the ancient Blogger version of NRE is on the banned list, I don’t seem to see the current version on that list. Of course, since DOVA has spent over $35,000 so far to replicate the ChiCom web experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did get this place on the banned list.

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