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Friday videos

by @ 10:58 on May 25, 2007. Filed under Miscellaneous.

You’ll have to find these on your own next week, but don’t say you don’t know where to look because I’m leading you to the water this week:

The Peeps are back on HamNation. Content warning, there is a jihadi peep this week, and there is a “forward-looking statement”, so MKH and Katie cannot say that no peeps were harmed in the shooting of this week’s HamNation.

Today’s Vent turns up the heat on Homeland Security North Mexico Assimilation Secretary Michael Chertoff and leaves him extra crispy.

Dunno if we’ll have a Friday Freefly, but he’s busy writing a story about his experiences in the Waterborne Infiltration Course, and put up part 1.

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