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Banned by the ChiComs

by @ 12:48 on May 24, 2007. Filed under Politics, The Blog.

Revisions/extensions (9:58 am 5/25/2007) – I won’t quite say that the bozos that run the Great Firewall of China are frauds, but when my logs show a visit from Beijing, I can’t say that I’m banned by the ChiComs.

I’m proud to join John McAdams, Aaron, Dad29 and The Asian Badger in saying that my blog has been banned in Red China. I wonder what in the series of posts about the ChiComs triggered it; could it be that I call them ChiComs, or perhaps I use the term Red China to refer to the mainland…oh, I know, it’s because they’re still Communist thugs.

We really need to come up with a cool graphic so show the Communist mass-murderers in Beijing fear our words so much, they won’t let their subjects view them.

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