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Banned by the ChiComs – revisited

by @ 9:58 on May 25, 2007. Filed under The Blog.

Scratch my previous claim that I’m actively blocked by the ChiComs. While going through my logs this morning, I found this (everything that could identify this visitor beyond the city and country of the visitor in question has been redacted to protect him/her, while the URL of the page that was screen-capped has been redacted to protect me) –

(click for the full-sized pic)

Last I checked, Beijing is the capital of Red China.

I could take it as bad news that my constant bashing of the murderous thugs hasn’t blocked me, or I could say that No Runny Eggs is helping to replant the seeds of freedom that were ripped up, run over and shot down in Tianemen Square back in 1989.

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