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I am also Spartacus

by @ 13:50 on March 29, 2007. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin.

I’ve made it a policy to not blogroll campaign sites. However, after some twit decided to try to take down Owen for putting a Blogs for Ziegler button on his site, I’ve changed my mind. I am proud to promote my candidates for State Supreme Court and Racine’s 7th Aldermanic District, Annette Ziegler and Fred Dooley (respectively).

You want some like the Islamokazis, come get some.

Revisions/extensions (11:18 pm 3/29/2007 and following times below) – Others who are Spartacus (at least that I know of as of the latest time-stamp on the R&E; if I missed you, either post here or at the BBA):
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– Added 10:13 am 3/30/2007 –
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