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Global Warming update plus the pic of the day

by @ 17:47 on February 8, 2007. Filed under Global "Warming".

Info from RedState, pic spotted on the Free Republic thread on that RS post, and the High Priest update courtesy Allahpundit:

  • Cold in Northern Michigan in the top 10 coldest winters ever? – Check
  • Cambodia (where the Ketchup Boy spent a nice, warm Christmas back in 1968, or so he says) struggling to get out of the 40s? – Check
  • The Indian subcontinent seeing record cold in January? – Check
  • Polar bears fleeing Greenland (and calling on the aforementioned person for halp) – Check
  • Ice packs showing up off the coast of Iceland for the first time in 40 years? – Check

Guess Algore picked the wrong day to say that Red China should not have to reduce its emissions of “greenhouse gases” until the US does.

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