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Stupid criminal of the day

by @ 13:06 on January 23, 2007. Filed under Law and order.

JSOnline’s DayWatch has today’s winner loser – Benjamin R. Stibbe, Grafton’s worst resident, who is up on federal heroin trafficking charges, had his lawyer try to get certain statements he made to local officers thrown out because he was…wait for it…

…wait for it…

…not yet…

…almost time…


high on the heroin he was busted with.

Never mind that, in this specific case, he first agreed to get some heroin from Milwaukee for an undercover officer. Never mind that he has been convicted of one case of providing lethal amounts of heroin to Grafton-area addicts, and that charges are pending in three others.

Maybe if Keg Goldschlager had hired his scumbag attorney, Anthony Cotton, she would still be driving a state-owned vehicle.

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