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Packers win, Favre sounds like he’s done

by @ 22:21 on December 31, 2006. Filed under Sports.

First, the good news. Despite not getting any help from Duh Deadskins, Duh Viqueens, Duh Deadfins, and a few other teams and getting eliminated from the playoffs, the Packers came to play and crushed Chicago 26-7 to finish 8-8. That’s 6 more wins than I had them figured for.

The bad. Listening to the postgame interview, it’s almost certain Brett Favre has just played his last game. Other than winning the Super Bowl, he couldn’t ask for a much better way to go out – beat the Bears, have a decent game of 21-42 for 285 yards, a touchdown and a pick the receiver gave up on.

Thanks for the memories, Brett.

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