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“Thank” you Mary Panzer

by @ 1:31 on November 8, 2006. Filed under Politics - Wisconsin, Taxes, WTPA.

Before I start on the winners and losers from this election, I would like to extend a personal “thanks” to former State Senate Majority “Leader” Mary Panzer for killing TABOR in 2004. Because of her, and because of the resulting re-election of Jim “Craps” Doyle (ALWAYS For Sale) and the takeover of the State Senate by the ‘Rats, taxes will continue to skyrocket in Wisconsin the next 6 years.

Had she shepherded TABOR through in 2004 (and assuming it would have gone through this past session as well), it would have been on the ballot in this election. Now, with the party that officially says that taxes are not high enough in charge of one house of the Legislature, we won’t be able to get either a freeze or any form of TABOR/TPA through this session, or get it onto the ballot until 2012. I hope to be long gone from Wisconsin by then.

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